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She’s named Naomi La, she was born 29-11-98 so now he still was 13th. She’s is Muslim, she likes Justin Bieber (the singer came from Canada) and Cody Simpson (singer from Australia), also Greyson Chance. She also likes about photography and fashionstyle.


Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

I'm Busy Now!

Hay, guest! Old I am not posting this blog. Understandably, I now began to busy to prepare for the exams in grade 6 this! But, I will always try to manage time well (to take care of the blog). Huh, a lot of my time passed. I do not say mother's day! I am very sorry for the beautiful miss!
In this post, it does not matter! So do not be in see ya, hehehe. I just wanted to say that, this week I was a little unlucky. wkwkwk. Because:

1. My foot hit the nail (because of increased fence)

2. My hand stuck door

.. hehehe,, the fate of the unfortunate yah!

But, I remained patient. wkwkwk

Now this was before the evening will the new year. What have you prepared to become a better? If I do, yes in a way to reduce this blog post-Internet-reducing. If you?

Post time is just learning to learn the English language. So sorry if bad.

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