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She’s named Naomi La, she was born 29-11-98 so now he still was 13th. She’s is Muslim, she likes Justin Bieber (the singer came from Canada) and Cody Simpson (singer from Australia), also Greyson Chance. She also likes about photography and fashionstyle.


Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

...~~~ My First AWARD "STYLISH BLOGGER" ~~~...

Hello friend, sorry long time no post, because my sister was sick. When I check the blog, it turns out I was given the award by Farah Awaliyah. This is my first award.

After receiving the award, I was asked to do something, there is already:

1. Share 8 things about myself
I think I am not a perfect girl. I'm just an ordinary girl ..
a. Love 'My Everything: My dear Lord, my family, especially my mom n my dad, my best friend;, and everyone who has a' fill 'my days. Thank you very much
b. I guess I'm a stubborn person. I'm hard set. Hahaha: D
c. A smile is my very expensive, whether you believe it? Some people say "Judes"
d. Although I (^_^), stubborn and bitchy I'm very mellow. (lha kok Can?)
e. I am very shy even though sometimes I feel very brave:)
f. Love shopping very much. I think I need to provide a special budget for this.
g. Very HATE LIAR! So, do not ever lie to me, baby okay? ^ ^
h. Lastly, I like to make friends with anyone. I am very happy if one or maybe all of you want to be friends with me.

2. Pay to the front to 8 bloggers that I recently discovered

1. Tsabita Addini
2. Karina Amelia
3. Dean Dwi Lestari
4. Iyan Echi
5. Yanar Zuhair Tia Adila
6. Intan
7. Esther Christine Natalia
8. Viandira

3. Contact bloggers and tell them about their award

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