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She’s named Naomi La, she was born 29-11-98 so now he still was 13th. She’s is Muslim, she likes Justin Bieber (the singer came from Canada) and Cody Simpson (singer from Australia), also Greyson Chance. She also likes about photography and fashionstyle.


Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

** Danboard **

Danboard !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm looking for pictures on 'google', notintentionally and I do not think, I see the pictures 'danboard' this. OMG, I forgot tosay hello to you this. 'Hello guests, how are you all? Sorry I have not to post onthis blogger. Understandably, my schedule solid now, and I had to learn to prepare for the exams to come. And you should know, I am a lazy blogger haha LOL ' I do not know just for fun - fun to be able to find this picture. But, yes indeed I've no intention to post, I was confused what post? haha LOL.

. My post is up to here. See you again.

Imalay Naomi Lasono
xoxo :)

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